Tips for making P1 orientation a smooth affair

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Been there, done that: P1 registrations and preparations are more often than not a major and stressful event for parents. To make things easier, here are the main questions asked by parents that will help prepare you for the session.

How long is the orientation?

The orientation session is usually conducted over a period of two to three hours. There will be briefings for both parents and their children, as well as ample time to walk around the school.

What to bring?

Your child. He will be having his own briefing, as well as be able to go to his classroom and meet his prospective teachers and classmates for the first time. This will aid greatly in easing him into his formal education environment. Furthermore, you can take the chance to get your child acquainted with the school compound as well as any facilities that might be of interest to his skills or hobbies such as the music room, track and field, computer room, etc.

A set of your child’s clothes and/or measuring tape and your child’s measurements to act as guides (if you are planning to buy uniforms in school). This saves you the trouble and time of figuring out what size to get for your child and having him try on the uniforms with the rest of the crowd.

Where to buy uniforms?

It is better to check with other parents whose children have started schooling, teachers and/or school vendors to gauge what types of attire your child will be wearing throughout the week.

If you know which uniform supplier is assigned to your school, you may want to consider avoiding the queues on orientation day altogether and purchase the uniforms separately outside.

Don’t buy shoes which are too expensive, as they are not likely to last more than a few months. This is especially true with boys. Two pairs of simple shoes from Bata’s BFirst range are recommended to keep up with washes and wear and tear.

I wish to transfer schools and/or get on a waiting list. How can I do that?

Simply go to the General Office of your desired school and request for a transfer form to submit. If there is a vacancy, the school will process it accordingly. Otherwise you will be put on the waiting list. If this is occurring well into the school year or when your child is P2 and above, the school will likely request for your child’s academic results.

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