Why is my child always on the phone/computer?

Taken from: https://www.youngparents.com.sg/development/85-of-singapore-kids-aged-8-to-12-have-social-media-accounts-even-though-theyre-too-young/

Technology is a huge part of our lives today, and it is definitely not a surprise that children have a tendency to spend a lot of their time on gadgets. Below are some reasons why your child cannot seem to take his eyes off the screen, as well as suggestions on how to reduce screen time.

Why: He wants to communicate with friends
How you can help:

Encourage your child to meet his friends face to face at either their homes or your home so that he can hang out more socially in the real world instead of in the virtual realm. This also helps you get to know who his friends are and what he normally does with his friends.

Why: Boredom/Idleness
How you can help: 

Help him plan a range of activities. Have an activity planned ahead such as a badminton session with family and/or friends in the morning – it is something to look forward to and prepare for instead of going straight for the Internet/phone after waking up.

Why: Phone/computer games are fun
How you can help: 

There is no need to ban screen time altogether. This may often backfire and your child will feel unfair. Instead, it is more reasonable to let your child know you are happy for him to browse the Internet, chat online and/or play games on his gadgets, but for a fixed total amount of time per day. You may allow him to choose how he wants to split up his screen time, or just set aside a period of time for him to go online, perhaps after he has finished his work for the day.

Why: Your child is socially awkward and/or isolated
How you can help: 

Encourage your child and help him find ways to mingle with others. Help him find the words he needs to invite friends over and chat with them. Alternatively, if your child finds it difficult, enrolling him for activities in your community centre can help him make friends in the neighbourhood in a more structured setting.

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