Conquer Thinking Skills & Heuristics Workbook 3


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Conquer Thinking Skills & Heuristics Workbook 3 focuses on the underlying processes and strategies essential to problem solving. Each book introduces various skill sets and builds upon them as the level increases. The 6-book series covers the following thinking skills and heuristics:

Thinking Skills Heuristics
• Analysing Parts and Wholes • Act It Out
• Comparing • Draw a Diagram / Model Curriculum
• Classifying . Look for a Pattern
• Identifying Patterns and Relationships • Work Backwards
• Deduction • Make a List / Table
• Induction • Guess and Check
• Spatial Visualisation • Before-After
• Make Suppositions
• Use Equations

Target Group:
Primary levels 1 to 6

Learning Objectives:
• Students who are keen on developing their abilities in problem solving will quickly learn how to do the following:
o Make sense of the problem sum: What am I asked to find?
o Make use of given information: What do I know?
o Think of possible strategies: Have I come across similar problems before?
o Choose the correct strategy: Apply what I know confidently.
o Solve the problem: Work out the steps.
o Check the answer: Is the solution logical and reasonable?

Key Features of Conquer Thinking Skills & Heuristics Workbook 3:
• Useful Examples to illustrate skill sets and improve understanding.
• Ample Practice Questions to sharpen problem solving skills and reinforce concepts.
• Review Questions (easy-intermediate-challenging) to provide for overall assessment of skills learned.
• Complete answers with Fully Worked-out Solutions to all questions.
• Perforated Tear-out Pages for selective teaching/learning and easy filing.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• There are Higher-order Questions which require application of more than 1 skill or heuristic which are aligned with the current syllabus.
• Students are introduced to different skill sets at each level with increasing depth and difficulty.
• Equipped with adaptive learning with Analytics Intelligence that identify students strengths and weaknesses, and help recommend worksheets to overcome the areas that students can improve on.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 100
Author: S. Leong / Shireen Khanalim / Sangeeta Dhillon
13 ISBN: 9789813424708

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