Spartan Maths Primary 3B (Levels 56 to 63)


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Spartan Maths Primary 3B – Your Maths excellence journey begins here!

On the peaceful Aster Island, a trio of monsters disrupts life. Mr Wiggles causes sleepless nights, Mr Fuzz steals, and Miss Tiny spreads confusion. Miss Whiz surprises with stealthy moves, causing constant worry. The people, tired and divided, seek a solution.

To combat the monsters, wise leaders plan a challenging journey. The community must sharpen minds, strengthen skills, and face the monsters with determination. It’s a tough battle, but consistent practice and perseverance will lead to success. Are you ready to take on the challenge and master the skills required to defend Aster Island against the monsters? The quests await, and the monsters grow smarter with each challenge! Be prepared and push towards excellence!

Grade Level / Age Group: Primary levels 1 to 6 (7 – 12 years)

Learning Outcomes:
Students should be able to…
• Acquire essential mathematical concepts and skills required for the topics in the curriculum.
• Know the different mathematical techniques to solve a wide spectrum of problem sums.
• Apply mathematical knowledge for everyday use and make connections to real-world situations.
• Develop critical thinking and analytical skills for problem solving as they progress in learning mathematics.

Unique Selling Advantages:
Spartan Maths Primary 3B is designed to…
• Provide a well-structured framework to champion the specific aims of the curriculum, ensuring a guided and enriching learning experience.
• Ignite students’ passion for Mathematics by equipping them with concepts and skills essential for everyday use. Each lesson is tailored with specific learning objectives, ensuring a purposeful and relevant journey.
• Foster the development of students’ logical reasoning skills, in order to cultivate proficiency and flexibility in critical thinking.
• Empower students to master mathematical knowledge, fostering adept problem-solving skills for real-world challenges, all while building their confidence and nurturing creative thinking in mathematics.

Size: 210mm x 297mm
Pages: 128
Author: Alaric Koh / Cheryl Yu
13 ISBN: 9789813428829

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