Conquer Science Daily Open-ended Questions for Inquiry-based Learning Primary 3


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Conquer Science Daily Open-ended Questions for Inquiry-based Learning (Primary 3) is designed to help students excel in science. It is specially crafted to align with the Singapore science curriculum, which emphasises a strong foundation in scientific concepts and principles.

Grade Level / Age Group:
Primary level 3 (9 years).

Learning Outcomes:
Students should be able to…
• Consistently tackle a set of open-ended science questions each day to effectively cover the entire science syllabus for the level.
• Strengthen the retention of science concepts and enhance the ability to apply them in practical, real-world situations.
• Cultivate a sense of responsibility for self-directed learning.
• Familiarise themselves with the essential takeaways for each science theme and topic.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
This series is designed to…
• Foster inquiry-based learning for confident problem-solving and reinforcement of key takeaways in each topic.
• Enhance application skills by navigating through higher-order thinking science questions and preparing for diverse exam formats.
• Improve knowledge retention through daily practice, empowering students to take charge of their learning with bite-sized topical exercises.
• Analyse students’ academic strengths and weaknesses via online based assessment and learning platform EXPLICO.

What’s in Conquer Science Daily Open-ended Questions for Inquiry-based Learning?
200 Daily Exercises
The key to doing well in science is to read widely, review regularly and work on questions consistently. Based on the number of school days found in the four terms of a year, the 200 exercises of open-ended questions, one of the two main components in important school
assessments and the national examination, offer students digestible blocks of learning and daily bite-sized practice. They test students on knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts, and strengthen application of critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.
3 Science Themes with Topics for Focussed Learning
The Primary 3 science syllabus is based on the three themes, Diversity, Cycles and Interactions. The topics within each theme are clearly indicated so that the learning is focussed and important concepts and application are reinforced.
Effective Learning and Revision Experience
The question sets provide thorough practice and will improve students’ scientific inquiry skills, such as observing, inferring, predicting, and communicating. Students will develop a better understanding of scientific methods and how they are used to investigate and solve scientific problems.
Self-learning and Assessment from Comprehensive Answers
All open-ended questions come with answers which guide students in their learning and provide them with feedback on the science concepts tested. Students should approach each question with curiosity and enthusiasm so that they will be able to challenge themselves to think critically and creatively. It is our hope that this book will serve as a valuable resource for students in their science studies to help them to achieve their
academic goals.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 256
Author: Gan Yi Shen / Angeline Tan / C. Y. Sitoe / Dianna Lane
13 ISBN: 9789813424159

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