Burnt Out from Parenting? Read This!

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs to take on that holds the least recognition and sometimes is even seen as an obligation. As such, parents might feel overwhelmed and even burn out from the endless household chores, keeping up with their own and their children’s schedules and coping with work.

However, parenting burnout can be detrimental to family life as it strips the joy and fun from spending time with your family as you are constantly left worn out and stressed with no mental capacity to bond with your loved ones. Therefore, this article seeks to help you come back from parenting burnout and hopefully cope better in the future with these simple tips!

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Do less to do more

The rule of thumb to coming back from a burnout is to offload as much as possible. Be it the chores you have to handle, the never-ending to-do list that you need to check off or the schedules of your children that you try to keep up with, straddling the responsibility of doing everything you set out to do will definitely leave you feeling overwhelmed. Instead, hold a less-is-more mentality to place your focus on what really matters to you. After all, the more your focus is divided, the less productive you will be.

Start by decluttering your mind and deciding what is most important to you – what brings you the most joy when it comes to your home, your schedule and your life in general. Decide on what is really essential and work through your daily tasks with little time spent and place as little stress on it as possible.

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Group your to-dos in short spurts

Take some time to plan out your to-dos for the week to stay organised and focussed. Then set aside an hour or two to tick off as much as you can from the list. If the list is not completed after the time ends, set aside another chunk of time to complete the remainders on your to-do list. Bunching to-dos together and dividing them across a few days reduce the mental load of having to deal with everything in a day, sparing more time for more important events to be done in the rest of the day.

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Chores do not equal self-care

Most people will see an off day as a day to fulfil their errands list and ‘get things done’, but fulfilling chores should not be classified as a way to practise self-care. It might even leave you more drained than before. While it is a must to get your chores done, do not swap it out for time to pamper yourself.

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Offload hateful tasks that you’d rather not do

Chores like cleaning the house can be easily outsourced to cleaning companies which are abundant and readily available in Singapore. If you are feeling particularly overwhelmed that week, it is a good habit to have others chip in on your tasks. This doesn’t have to require money – simply having your spouse or children to help out is sufficient. What’s better, use these chore times to bond and have fun with your children to lighten the bore of accomplishing chores. This way, attending to necessary evils can take a more fun and light-hearted tone that won’t leave you drained and stressed.

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Trust in automations

With the modern turn of society, technology is within our grasp that can help with making lives as parents less stressful and overwhelming. Services like online ordering can save time shopping, travelling and transporting which can then be used for more meaningful events like spending time with family. Look out for discounts, sales and free shipping which can help cut down on costs when engaging these services as well.

Cleaning does not have to be a headache as well, due to the many cleaning robots that are available on the market to help lighten your workload. These robots are an especially good investment if you are tired of cleaning up after your children daily. Just a simple switch of a button allows you to keep the house clean without lifting a finger.

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