4 Easy Ways to Encourage Your Children to Become Good Readers

Ever since you found out that you were having your first child, you must have received messages about the significance of reading, with good reason. The advantages of reading to children at all stages of development are widely proved. Fortunately, raising a reader is enjoyable, gratifying and quite simple.

Start with these mum- and expert-approved suggestions, and the rest will fall into place.

  1. Buddy reading

The action and reaction of adults set the tone for children. Seeing an adult enjoy a book would make them more likely to participate in reading too. To further assist your child to go through a book, try buddy reading.

Buddy reading is a fantastic approach to help your child improve his reading fluency. You and your child take turns reading a phrase, paragraph, or even a page. Buddy reading, also known as partner reading or pair reading, offers numerous advantages. Most important of all, it motivates your child to continue.

  1. Provide a wide variety of choices for discovery

Expand your child’s selection of books to read. Children frequently go towards the library’s fiction shelves, but do not just stop there. Other genres such as children’s magazines, cookery books, graphic novels and biographies are excellent non-fiction possibilities. When your child discovers something that catches his attention, encourage him to tell you what he appreciates about that particular book so that you can suggest other similar topics that might interest him. 

For those who are overwhelmed by choice, try introducing your preferred children’s books. Revisiting the past through your old favourites would be a delight for both you and your child. The good news is that the finest children’s book authors and artists also try to impress their adult readership.

  1. Interruptions indicate interaction

When reading to your child, many a time your child would interrupt to ask or comment. Do not get so engrossed in your own reading that you overlook your child’s questions and remarks. Your child’s interruptions are encouraging. They show interest and engagement in the book. Take note of which aspects your child is fascinated by and follow up by providing more books related to that subject.

If the words are not engaging the children, ask them what they see in the pictures. Invite them to clarify or describe the action by pointing to it. For text-heavy books, ask them what they think of the characters’ choices or ideas.

  1. Reading day and night

Parents are accustomed to reading to their children before bedtime. The strategy is great in lulling them to sleep peacefully. But read with your child or allow him to read in the day too. Provide easy access to books through libraries, e-books or your home bookshelves. Not only would it allow your child to slow down and focus, but accessibility also helps instill a love for reading. While it is still light outside, sit close to read with your child and appreciate these moments of connection.

Looking for new books to start? Explore our website for books that will educate and motivate your child to learn more. Tell us your story and share your recommendations on getting a child to love reading.

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