Must-have Toys for Your Child to Aid in Brain Development

These days, toy stores are flooded with different types of toys that deciding what to purchase can be a big headache. Especially if money is a concern, parents would want to get the most value out of their purchases by having them provide entertainment and be an educational platform for their children to learn and grow. If that is a concern of yours, don’t fret! Here is a list of toys that your child will have the most fun playing while developing skills that aid in his growth. 

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Block toys or any other form of toys that are building-based such as LEGO bricks are a good form of toys that allows your child to strengthen his spatial and motor skills, hand-eye coordination and structural concepts. It also allows him to explore his creativity while having hours of fun building creations and knocking them down.

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Hands-on sensory toys

There have been a lot of small local businesses that have arose selling sensory toys for children, such as homemade non-toxic playdough, edible sand and textured rice that can help stimulate the senses of your child. Do not wish to spend money on such toys? You can also mix potato or corn starch with water to create a slime-like dough that solidifies with touch.

Don’t be scared to allow your child to make a mess! These forms of play are often the most fun and stimulating. As a bonus bonding session, you can teach and encourage your child to clean up after himself when he has finished playing to cultivate a sense of responsibility.

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Dolls or stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are staple toys that most parents get for their children and are easily found throughout shops. More than having a companion, these soft toys help young children express their emotions, evoking a sense of empathy and being nurturing. It can also help stimulate imagination and gives rise to opportunities at role-playing.

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Balls, scooters, skipping ropes

Another essential must-have toy is one that will encourage your child to get out of the house and be active. Be it items like balls, Frisbees, kites or modes of transport like scooters, roller skates or bicycles, these toys will inspire your child to be active and play outside, which stimulates dopamine in the brain and improves your child’s mood. A happy and worn-out child would also mean a happy parent who can rest and not chase his hyperactive child about.

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Puzzles and shape sorters

Puzzles and shape sorter toys are the best way to improve your child’s problem-solving abilities, while developing spatial relation and fine motor skills through hand and eye coordination. As these toys are also played in a relaxed and peaceful setting, it innately develops a sense of patience and concentration in your child that will be useful for the future.

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