4 Strategies to Boost Your Child’s Self-esteem

Two questions are keeping you from unstoppable self-confidence.
Taken from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chriswestfall/2020/08/20/unstoppable-self-confidence-job-interview-skills-career-search/?sh=4759244c73c6 

Are you worried that your child lacks confidence and doubts himself all the time? Many say that confidence is key to success and many other things in life. It is crucial to build your child’s self-esteem from a young age. Here’s a list of strategies on how to do just that! 

  1. Encourage your child to plan and achieve his goals 

Find out what your child might want to improve on and how he wants to go about improving it. 

student with ADHD thinking about goals by chalkboard in a classroom
Taken from: https://www.additudemag.com/executive-function-skills-adhd-goal-setting/ 

Setting challenging but pragmatic goals helps him feel more competent and confident when he actually achieves the goal. 

  1. Avoid comparing your child to others 
Is comparing your child to others so bad?
Taken from: https://www.smartparents.sg/child/social-life-skills/comparing-your-child-others-so-bad 

This is one of the main reasons as to why children don’t feel confident. Comments such as ‘Why can’t you score as well as your classmates?’ will make your child doubt himself and feel sad that he couldn’t meet your expectations. Instead, try telling him that you appreciate his efforts and let him know that you are going to help him improve. 

  1. Help your child find his passion 
BGM 004: How to Help Your Kids Find Their Passion - Build Great Minds
Taken from: https://buildgreatminds.com/2015/12/27/bgm-004-how-to-help-your-kids-find-their-passion/ 

It is very crucial for children to know what they like as they tend to excel in that particular area, which helps to grow their confidence further. Allow your child to try different activities until he discovers his passion, and be encouraging of his aspirations once he finds one. 

  1. Ask your child for his opinion

You may think that a child’s opinion doesn’t matter, but the action of asking him for his advice shows that you appreciate his thoughts. This helps him see that even adults such as yourself need help at times, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help from the people around you. 

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