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If you have gone through education in Singapore, chances are you have heard of the ubiquitous Ten Year Series or TYS. You have likely been recommended to buy them in the past by a teacher or a parent and may have been required to use them for your school work. For those of us who are yet to come across the TYS, they are a treasure trove of past examination questions and are definitely an essential in any Singaporean student’s journey. Here’s why we think so:

Practice is a crucial part of learning

It is no secret that practice helps you test your understanding and what better way to do so than with questions that are similar to the ones you will find in your final exam. This not only builds familiarity with the content, but also the types of questions you will come across. You may even find a very similar question appear in your own paper so you can keep a lookout for them!

It gives us a good gauge of our understanding

Doing these papers also helps us to gauge where we are in terms of our own revision. Practicing these questions can help you identify the topics you may need to spend more time on, or how well your time management is. Completing and understanding these questions also gives you the confidence to do your own exam to your best abilities.

You can get the Ten Year Series across the levels on our website. It will be available from the 1st of January but you can place your orders now to be the first receive it!

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