Tips to Cultivate Confidence in Your Child

Parenthood can be daunting when you are unsure of what the appropriate actions to take when educating and raising your child. One of the concerns of many parents is how to raise your child to be confident, which is a trait that is highly beneficial in society.

If these are your concerns, here are some tips that can help you cultivate confidence in your child!

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Give space to be free

Give your child opportunities to learn independently and explore his surroundings. Restrict the screen time that he has so that he will be more inspired to entertain himself and discover things for himself.

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Limit saying ‘no’

Listen to your child and try not to dismiss his requests or ideas. By cutting him off or dismissing him, you discourage him to be inquisitive and might even dissuade him from being curious and exploring. By being open to his requests and not shooting him down, you encourage him to speak out and be more certain of what he wishes to say, which can boost his confidence.

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Compliment good behaviour

Give compliments whenever possible, but do not do it too often! Praise your child’s good deeds, such as when he does a chore or finish a task. This makes him feel that his actions are recognised and the validation will help him gain confidence.

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Give eye contact

Eye contact is important not only in maintaining a connection, but also in cultivating your child’s confidence in facing others. Maintaining eye contact with your child enforces positive moments and makes him feel loved and validated.

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Spend quality time

Spending quality and bonding time with your child is crucial as it gives him the social exposure that he needs so that he will be comfortable with interacting with other people. It also reinforces your love for him, which will make him feel more comfortable with himself and boost his confidence.

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Love yourselves

Children are always watching and duplicating our actions. This modelling behaviour that children have is the most influential way of teaching your child good habits, hence it is important to mind your actions and words when with your child as he can pick up any habits you display.

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