Six fun Science experiments for the weekend!

It’s finally the weekend! But you’ve run out of ideas as your antsy kids have done with their homework and beg to do something fun.

Here’s a list of six experiments to enrich their minds and for them to have fun at the same time (click the titles to find out more!):

1. An edible water blob

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Introduce your kids to science like never before. With the power of science, you can come up with a fascinating snack: an edible water blob. Make a small blob of water that moves around like jelly on your hand. This process is called spherification.

2. Make some s’mores with solar power

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Why wait for a barbecue when you can prepare your own s’mores with the power of the sun? If you’ve just had pizza, hold on to that box! With a few more household items, you can create an eco-friendly oven of sorts. This experiment sounds perfectly delicious to try out here in sunny Singapore.

3. How do you peel a raw egg?

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Your kids must have seen hard-boiled eggs, fried eggs, sunny-side-up eggs etc. But have they ever tried to peel a raw egg? This simple experiment requires only 4 items: an egg, white vinegar, a glass jar with a lid and some patience. Let your kids experience the magic of science as the shell dissolves over the next few days and reveals a bouncy, shell-less egg.

4. Become a ‘waterbender’ (literally)

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Armed with just a comb and a water faucet, your toddler can now become a ‘waterbender’! Master static electricity and watch as the steady stream of water bends towards your comb – and no, that’s not just a trick of the light.

5. Magnetic cereal

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Redefine playing with your food with this fun experiment! Iron is an important nutrient which our body does not produce naturally, so we consume food which is high in iron. 

The next time you pick out cereal with your child, keep an eye out for iron in the nutrition table – with this, and a magnet, your child is ready to hunt for iron in their cereal. It’s also a great way to reinforce what they’re learning in school about magnets as well.

6. Challenge: Walk on eggshells!

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Science has proved that you can walk on eggs if you put your mind (and weight) to it. In this experiment, find out the incredible strength that eggs possess – that is, if your kid places his feet just right. 

Get some newspaper to prevent any mess and keep disinfectant nearby in case the eggs crack.

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