Productivity Hacks for Students Taking the GCSEs

Do you find it difficult to concentrate and be productive while preparing for the GCSEs? Studying for these major examinations may be difficult and anxiety-inducing, particularly if you are not prepared.

This essay will teach you some study strategies that you may use during these tough times and throughout your academic career. Check out the following suggestions if you want to get an A+ on your examination.

1.      Schedule for a productive morning

Set an alarm (or two, if one is not enough!) to get you up early and help you get the most out of your day. Even though waking up early is difficult at first, waking up at the same time every day will help your body settle into a habit.

Having a regular schedule would allow for consistent revision and studying. Some examinations take place early in the morning. By ensuring that you are comfortable being awake early in the morning, you would be less groggy during the GCSEs.

2.      Airplane mode

When faced between endless entertainment on mobile devices and the monotony of studying, it is easy to see why people get distracted easily. To combat this issue, use the airplane mode function on your mobile phones. This forces you to study and reduces the number of notifications coming in.

Alternatively, try productivity apps such as Tomato that serve as a study timer to motivate you. Remember that every little bit of studying counts in the final results for your GCSEs.

3.      Test yourself

Identifying what you already know and what you do not know is one of the most efficient strategies to prepare for a test. This will allow you to concentrate more on your flaws while also being aware of your strengths. Using assessment books such as SAP’s Ten-Year Series would allow you to know what examiners are looking out for.

4.      Take breaks

The GCSEs are a marathon, not a sprint. For races, water stations are placed in regular intervals for runners to hydrate. Similarly, you should make time for rest. Ensure that you take time for your mental health and social life. This helps to make for a balanced lifestyle.

It is also not a good idea to burn the midnight oil regularly or prior to the GCSEs. Sleep is necessary for you to retain information studied before. Sacrificing sleep would result in increased irritability and might not be worth it. 

What has helped you with your GCSEs?

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