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BIG SCIENCE PHYSICS Practical Book for Secondary Levels is written with the aim of making Physics practical simple for students so that they will come out excellently at the end of any practical physics examination. Physics teaching instructions in senior secondary schools involve both theoretical and practical exercises in which psychomotor skills, acquirable from the subject are first learnt through observation of teacher’s demonstrations. These are then practised under the supervision of the teacher in a physics laboratory.

BIG SCIENCE PHYSICS Practical Book for Secondary Levels is divided into four different units which are mechanics, optics, heat and electricity. Each of these units is further divided into different experiments. These divisions are very essential parts of practical physics in the senior secondary school. In addition, the book contains general introductory notes which the students must acquaint themselves with in order for them to have exciting experiences during the course of the experimentation. One of the added values of this book is that each experiment starts with the theoretical background of the concept to be verified. So, each experiment is tailored towards the provision of some of the basic training and techniques required in scientific experimentation and its presentation.

Theoretical structured questions, which are based on each experiment and its concept, are included at the end of each experiment. In addition, graded past questions on mechanics, optics, heat and electricity, from examining bodies are selected for students’ assessment.
Finally, physics knowledge is dynamic, so the experiments presented in this book are not the end of self-discovery and intuition. It is hoped that this book will serve its purpose of aiding the success of students in practical physics examinations.

Grade Level / Age Group:
Secondary levels 1 to 4 (13 – 16 years).

Learning Objectives:
• To encourage students to enjoy gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation towards biology through a systematic topical learning approach, and applying them in their real world situations.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Comprehensive and high quality notes with practice questions at the end of each topic in the coursebooks.
• Past exam questions and answers are included to enhance students’ performance in biology, chemistry and physics.
• Useful guides on how to answer and ace examination questions for students’ reference in Practical books.

Size: 178mm x 235mm
Pages: 212
13 ISBN: 9789813429529

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