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BIG SCIENCE BIOLOGY Practical Book for for Secondary Levels intends making biology practical, easy, simple, and interesting for students so that they will come out excellently at the end of any practical biology examination. The teaching of biology in Senior Secondary Schools and Colleges involves both theoretical and practical aspects.
Practical biology is pivotal to success in any biology examination. Unfortunately, many schools delay its teaching and learning until the end of the second term of the SS3 class, this is sometimes quite unacceptable. Most schools do not even have the apparatus (materials) required for many of the laboratory experiments, even though few of the apparatus can be improvised.
Nevertheless, students’ performance in biology could be improved tremendously if they are deliberately exposed to practical skills from the beginning of the SS1 class. This book is, therefore, written to fill this gap.

BIG SCIENCE BIOLOGY Practical Book for for Secondary Levels takes students through illustrations, concepts, and economic importance of specimen as well as structural adaptations in practical biology. Also, the use of the sketched diagram to illustrate ideas, structural features as well as the basis for comparism are emphasised. Graphical instructions are also stated as guidelines for students in the following graphical questions.
In addition, analytical instructions and guidelines are outlined to broaden students’ concepts of the practical viz; identification of specimens, names of specimens, technical terms labeling of diagrams, details, and so on.
Also, the book is a single volume, covering the scope of the syllabus from SS1–SS3. Graded examination questions have been added to support the student’s preparedness and assessment. It is hoped that this practical book will serve its purpose of aiding the success of students in practical biology examinations.

Grade Level / Age Group:
Secondary levels 1 to 4 (13 – 16 years).

Learning Objectives:
• To encourage students to enjoy gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation towards biology through a systematic topical learning approach, and applying them in their real world situations.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Comprehensive and high quality notes with practice questions at the end of each topic in the coursebooks.
• Past exam questions and answers are included to enhance students’ performance in biology, chemistry and physics.
• Useful guides on how to answer and ace examination questions for students’ reference in Practical books.

Size: 178mm x 235mm
Pages: 220
13 ISBN: 9789813429581

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