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BIG MATHEMATICS PRIMARY 5 Teacher’s Guide is a mathematics learning series for primary school students. The contents are systematically arranged according to the ability of the child, which can be applied in everyday life, and can be used as preparation for the next level.

BIG MATHEMATICS PRIMARY 5 Teacher’s Guide uses an international standard of mathematical teaching and learning approaches, which have been proven to bring children success in learning mathematics. The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach introduces new concepts with the use of appropriate manipulatives, before moving to pictorials and abstract representations. The development of topics across the levels in spiral progression approach helps learners acquire a new concept by building on previously learned concepts. The focus on Problem Solving by promoting the use of bar models, empowers students to develop visualization skills to better understand word problems before solving them.

This book provides active, fun, and collaborative mathematics learning with lots of activities and games. These learning experiences will enable students to acquire and apply concepts and skills, develop critical thinking skills, and positive attitudes towards mathematics.

Grade Level / Age Group: Primary levels 1 to 6 (7 – 12 years)

Learning Objectives:
To explore the fundamental concepts of mathematics and build learning through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• This series employs internationally recognized standards for teaching mathematics, which have demonstrated their effectiveness in helping children succeed in math learning.
• The CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) method is applied to initiate the introduction of new concepts by utilizing suitable manipulatives before transitioning to visual representations and abstract concepts.
• This series is carefully designed to emphasise on problem-solving through the utilization of bar models, this enables students to enhance their visualization skills, enabling a better grasp of word problems prior to solving them.

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