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The learnings and teachings of composition at Primary Five and Primary Six are similar. How well a student writes a composition is dependent primarily on their exposure to the English Language. Language skills are not acquired overnight but can be gradually enhanced through intensive exposure, a voracious appetite for reading and constant practice. Many students who are able to breeze through Paper 2 of their English Language examination find it difficult to score well for Paper 1 – Composition and Situational Writing. Given that Paper 1 takes up 30% of the entire PSLE English examination, it is essential for students to develop their writing skills to score in this area.

Grade Level / Age Group:
Primary levels 1 to 6 (7 – 12 years).

Learning Objectives:
• To provide opportunities for students to gain confidence in writing;
• To inspire students to become creative writers.

Key Features:
• THE COMPLETE BEGINNNER COMPOSITION GUIDE & WORKBOOK consists of 65 step-by-step composition exercises suitable for Primary 1 and 2 students (seven and eight-year-olds). Each exercise features a number of Question Prompts to help students of all ability levels compose their own stories. At the end of the exercise is a model composition, which serves as a guide for the student;
• THE COMPLETE INTERMEDIATE COMPOSITION GUIDE & WORKBOOK is suitable for Primary 3 and 4 students (nine- and ten-year-olds). It is designed to inspire students to new heights in creative writing. It targets specific areas of writing, such as Composing Captivating Introductions, Employing Different Plot Variations, Developing Characters, and Making Memorable Conclusions. Detailed Notes, Guided Composition Exercises and Model Compositions serve to help students become confident and creative writers;
• THE COMPLETE ADVANCED COMPOSITION GUIDE & WORKBOOK is suitable for Primary 5 and 6 students (eleven and twelve year-olds). It is designed to develop student’s writing skills by providing practice for Writing Captivating Introductions and Memorable Conclusions, Formulating Creative and Varied Plots, Using Vivid Vocabulary and Creating Illustrious Characters. 50 Model Compositions serve as a valuable resource for students in their writing.

Unique Selling Advantages (USA):
• Plot Variations (Intermediate and Advanced) and Guiding Questions (Beginner) give students the confidence to write and is a valuable resource of ideas;
• Essential Elements of Writing (Intermediate and Advanced) consolidate important skills necessary for writing captivating stories’

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 304
Author: Angeline Tan
13 ISBN: 9789812744722

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