Secondary 2 Mathematics Tutorial 2B [Express Course]


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SECONDARY MATHEMATICS TUTORIAL is a must-have collection that covers all examinable Mathematics topics for Secondary levels and complements it with progressive practice questions for systematic learning and training, revision papers for mid-year and end-of-year self-assessment and step-by-step solutions to questions.

Learning Objectives:
• To help students recall fundamental concepts and enhance their understanding through Core Practice
• To help students increase and expand their mathematical knowledge through Consolidation Practice
• To expose students to challenging practice situations that sharpen thinking and improve problem- solving skills

Key Features:
• Summary Sheet caters for students with concise and powerful overview of all the formulae they need to know.
• Concept Quizzes and Topical Tests check a student’s conceptual understanding beyond knowing facts and methods and allow students to apply problem-solving skills meaningfully to derive solutions to new contexts. Step-by-step Solutions show detailed workings to all questions and support self-learning and easy self-assessment.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs)
• Recommended by teachers and adopted for use in schools
• An excellent replacement for textbook that follows the latest secondary mathematics syllabus. This series replicates the work and style taught in classrooms which helps students accelerate learning.
• Teacher’s Commentaries provide important notes, tips, examples and point out common errors while highlighting important concepts to enhance understanding and retention.
• Carefully chosen Worked Examples are provided. This will reduce working memory load so students can focus on understanding the meaning behind steps in problem solving.

Size: 190mm x 290mm
Pages: 310
Author: Lim S. H.
13 ISBN: 9789813327979

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