Secondary 1 Mathematics Tutorial 1B [G2]


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Secondary 1 Mathematics Tutorial 1B (G2) is designed to prepare Secondary 1 students in their understanding and application of mathematical concepts, skills and processes.

Target Group:
Secondary Level 1 [G2]

Learning Objectives:
• To prepare students in their understanding and application of mathematical concepts, skills and processes using different levels of practices for quick mastery and sharp thinking
• To help students gain confidence in the subject and be better equipped to face the examinations

Key Features:
• Key Concepts and Formulae gives an overview of important concepts required for the chapter
• Worked Examples specially selected for better understanding and to show how each question is being presented.
• Practice questions are structured:
• Core Practice helps students recall fundamental concepts and enhance their understanding
• Consolidation Practice helps students increase and expand their mathematical knowledge
• Challenging Practice exposes students with questions that sharpen thinking and problem-solving skills.
• Fully Worked Solutions are provided which is useful for students who work independently

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Contains Teacher’s Commentaries that provides important notes, tips, examples of common student errors and highlight important concepts to enhance understanding and retention
• A tutorial book that follows latest Secondary Normal Academic) mathematics syllabus. It follows closely the pace of work and style taught in classrooms
• Ample practices that build understanding of each chapter gradually, from fundamental to application to higher-order questions.

What’s covered in Secondary 1 Mathematics Tutorial 1B (G2)?
Written in accordance with the latest syllabus, each chapter includes Objectives, Key Concepts and Formulae and Worked Examples to supplement and complement the lessons taught in school. Practice questions are structured as core, consolidation and challenging to ensure steady improvement and quick mastery of concepts. Books 1A and 1B cover all the topics for the entire school year.
Additional Feature
Teacher’s Desk that provides important notes, tips, examples and common student errors. Important concepts are highlighted to enhance understanding and retention. This encourages students to self-study, regardless of the level of competency they are at.
Answer Key
Fully worked solutions are provided for students to understand better how each problem is solved. These also serve as a tool for self study and assessment.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 168
Author: Lim S. H.
13 ISBN: 9789813426825

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