Secondary 1 Mathematics Tutorial 1A [G3]


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Secondary 1 Mathematics Tutorial 1A [G3] is designed to guide Secondary 1 students in their understanding and application of mathematical concepts, skills and processes. Written in accordance with the latest syllabus, each chapter includes Objectives, Key Concepts and Formulae and Worked Examples to supplement and complement the lessons taught in school.

Target Group:
Secondary Level 1 [G3]

Learning Objectives:
• To help students recall fundamental concepts and enhance their understanding through Core Practice
• To help students increase and expand their mathematical knowledge through Consolidation Practice
• To expose students to challenging practice situations that sharpen thinking and improve problem- solving skills

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Recommended by teachers and adopted for use in schools
• An excellent replacement for textbook that follows the latest secondary mathematics syllabus. This series replicates the work and style taught in classrooms which helps students accelerate learning.
• Teacher’s Commentaries provide important notes, tips, examples and point out common errors while highlighting important concepts to enhance understanding and retention.
• Carefully chosen Worked Examples are provided. This will reduce working memory load so students can focus on understanding the meaning behind steps in problem solving.

What’s in Secondary 1 Mathematics Tutorial 1A [G3]?
Summary Notes
Tear off, join and get a concise and powerful overview of all the formulae you need to know!
Progressive and Structured Lessons
Learn through the practical detailed examples. Practice questions, Core, Consolidation and Challenging Practices ensure steady improvement and quick mastery of concepts. Books 1A and 1B cover all the topics for the entire school year.
Teacher’s Desk
Provides important notes, tips, examples and highlights common errors. Important concepts are highlighted to enhance understanding and retention. This encourages students to self-study, regardless of the level of competency they are at.
Real World Questions
These questions are included to help students understand mathematics in real world contexts. Such question types are increasingly common in important tests and examinations.
O-Level Typed Questions
These questions are designed to familiarise students with typical question types and the requirements of important examinations.
Concept Quiz and Topical Test
These check a student’s conceptual understanding, beyond knowing facts and methods after each topic. A student will learn to apply skills meaningfully to derive solutions to new contexts.
Answer Key
Fully worked solutions are provided for students to understand better how each problem is solved. These also serve as a tool for self study and assessment.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 280
Author: Lim S. H.
13 ISBN: 9789813426511

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