PSLE 1001 高级华文语文应用 (PSLE Higher Chinese 1001 Questions On Language And Usage)


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PSLE 1001 高级华文语文应用 是专为修读高级华文的PSLE考生编写的。
PSLE Higher Chinese 1001 Questions On Language And Usage is specifically designed for students preparing for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) in Higher Chinese.

Target Group: Primary Level 6

Key Features:
• The content presented in this book is entirely based on the “Language and Usage” examination component of the latest PSLE sample papers. The question formats and levels closely resemble the most recent PSLE examination questions.
• The vocabulary tested in this book is primarily selected from the texts of Primary 4, Primary 5, and Primary 6, allowing candidates to approach the examination with confidence after practicing.
• This book contains a total of 1001 questions, providing substantial material for students’ pre-exam revision and serving as a highly practical resource.

PSLE 1001 高级华文语文应用 的主要特点:
• 本书考查的内容,完全根据PSLE最新试题样本的“语文应用”考试项目编写,出题形式与程度,也与最新的PSLE考题非常接近。
• 本书考查的所有词语,大部分精选自小四、小五和小六的课文,让考生练习后能充满信心赴考。
• 本书共有1001考题,分量充足,作为学生考前复习,十分实用。

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 216
Author: 肖羽华
13 ISBN: 9789813427945

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