LEARNING+ English Proficiency Tests Quarterly Assessments 4


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Learning+ English Proficiency Tests Quarterly Assessments 4 is designed to equip students with the necessary practice in dealing with the major components of the English paper.

Grade Level / Age Group:
Primary levels 1 to 6 (7 – 12 years)

Learning Objective:
• To equip students with essential practice before the examinations.

Key Features:
• 8 Trial Test Papers provide students with the additional practice they need before important tests and examinations
throughout the year;
• Each trial test paper is divided into the following:
Booklet A – This is made up of multiple-choice questions. Its components are grammar, vocabulary, vocabulary cloze
and visual text comprehension;
Booklet B – This is made up of fill in the blanks and open-ended questions. Its components are grammar, cloze editing for spelling and grammar, comprehension cloze, synthesis and transformation and comprehension open-ended;
• The contents of each book are Interdisciplinary: They are carefully selected to cover a wide range of interesting subjects, ideas and facts, all of which are relevant to the current teaching and learning processes;
• Answers to all trial tests are provided.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Grammar Focus in each trial test paper allows students to practice specific grammar items while keeping to the examination;
• Perfect Resource for rigorous practice before important examinations;
• Enhanced Learning extends learning by providing extra practice on. Important grammar and vocabulary items.

What’s covered in Learning+ English Proficiency Tests Quarterly Assessments 4?
Table of Contents
This shows clearly when the assessments should be done during the school year and the grammar focus for each test. The last two assessments are final practice papers encompassing all the items covered in the earlier assessments. Marks obtained in the assessments can also be recorded here.
Test Papers
There are 8 assessment papers that have been updated to cover all the sections in paper 2 of the examination format.
Explanations for confusing and challenging vocabulary are provided to enhance understanding and aid in the development of a rich vocabulary. These can be found in the answers or online at www.sapgrp.com.
The answer key contains answers to all the questions in the assessment papers.
Tear-out Format
The assessments can be easily removed and presented as homework or class work. The answer pages can be removed and filed away for future reference.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 143
Author: Gan Yi Shen
13 ISBN: 9789813214972

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