O-Level 高级华文分类热门必考词语 (Popular and Commonly Tested Vocabulary For O-Level Higher Chinese)


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Target Group:
Secondary levels 3 to 4 [Express Course Higher Chinese / Chinese]

Key Features:
• This book is a compilation of the words and phrases tested in previous O-LEVEL Higher Chinese / Chinese Exams, and includes the compulsory vocabulary list stipulated by the curriculum.
• There are five sections: nouns, verbs, adjectives, function words, and idioms.
• Complete and detailed, it includes explanations, English translations, example sentences, and notes.
• An index summarises the words in the book for easy reference and use.
• The book is suitable for use in classroom or for self-study and revision.

•本书收录历届0-LEVEL 高级华文华文考题出过的词语,再配合最新课文里必考的词语编写。

Size: 90mm x 127mm
Pages: 184
Author: 李心如
13 ISBN: 9789814754460

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