O-LEVEL 高级华文语文应用 / Language and Usage Enrichment Exercises For O-Level Higher Chinese


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O-LEVEL 高级华文语文应用 是专为修读快捷华文的中四学生和所有O-Level华文考生编写的。
Language And Usage Enrichment Exercises For O-Level Higher Chinese is specifically designed for Secondary Four students studying Higher Chinese as well as all O-Level Higher Chinese examination candidates.

Target Group: Secondary levels 1 to 4

• 从练习中熟悉考试的出题形式;
• 在练习的同时得到阅读的乐趣;
• 加深对学习内容的理解与掌握,并更有效地进行练习,取得事半功倍的效果。

Learning Outcomes:
Students should be able to:
• Familiarise themselves with the question formats of the exams through the exercises.
• Experience the joy of reading while engaging in the exercises.
• Deepen their understanding and mastery of the learning materials, enabling more effective practice and achieving results with greater efficiency.

O-LEVEL 高级华文语文应用 的主要特点:
• 紧扣课文教材必考词语出题。
• 依照最新颁布的考试题型设计题目。
• 所有的短文,选材多样化,且富有传统文化与价值观,同时注重文章的趣味性。

Key Features:
• Questions are closely aligned with the essential vocabulary from the textbook.
• Questions are designed based on the latest exam question types.
• The passages are diverse in content, with an emphasis on traditional culture and values, while also focusing on the engaging aspects of the articles.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 120
Author: 张雨诗
13 ISBN: 9789813426092

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