LEARNING+ Powerful Maths Methods to Solve Challenging Problem Sums Primary 5&6


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|Learning+| Powerful Maths Methods to Solve Challenging Problem Sums is a series of three primary level books designed to help students achieve mastery in mathematics. This series is developed to harness students’ cognitive and metacognitive skills through the teaching of different mathematical techniques to problem solving.

Target Group:
Primary levels 1 to 6

Key Features:
• Includes new interesting exam-type questions which is relevant to school
• Spiral progression in each topic for an easy gradual approach to learning new
• Visualisations, Simulations and Interpretations are included for a guaranteed
complete cognitive process

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs)
• Practical methods as, model drawing and before-and-after concepts are
taught with increasing difficulty across the three books.
• Certain Maths Olympiad-type of topics like Complete the Algorithm,
Leftover and Shortage and Sum of Consecutive Numbers are also included
to give students some exposure to Maths Olympiad.
• First SAP series of Maths book to incorporate STREAM hands-on enquiry-
based activities like Magic Square, Greatest Area and Sudoku Challenge to
make your child’s learning more fun and enriching.
• Different skill sets such as model drawing are included alongside heuristics like working backwards and a host
of topical concepts ranging from fractions to rate

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 152
Author: Ivan Poh
13 ISBN: 9789813217713

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