Learning+ Mathematics by the Minute Workbook 6


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Learning+ Mathematics by the Minute Workbook 6 provides ready-to-practise questions that comprehensively cover the number curriculum for Year 6. The best way to help students build confidence in mathematics and improve number skills is to have lots and lots of practice in the key facts and skills. This series will help students to become fluent in number facts, and help them to recall them quickly – both are essential for succeeding in mathematics. It contains 40 topic-based lessons, each 5 minutes long, to help students build up their mathematical fluency day-by-day.

Grade Level / Age Group: Primary Level 6 (12 years)

Learning Objectives:
To help students become fluent in number facts, and recall them quickly – both are essential for building confidence in maths and improving number skills through quick, targeted practice.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs)
• Build up mathematical fluency through 5-minute topic-based tests.
• Become fluent in number facts and recall them quickly to succeed in mathematics.
• Strengthen key facts and skills through rigorous practice.

What’s presented in Learning+ Mathematics by the Minute Workbook 6?
Each lesson is divided into three Steps:
Warm-up: This exercise helps students to revise mathematics they should already know and gives them preparation for Step 2.
Quick calculation: This exercise is a set of questions focussed on the topic area being tested.
Challenge: This is a more testing exercise designed to stretch students’ mental abilities.

Some of the lessons also include:
• A TIP to help students answer questions of a particular type.
• A MIND GYM PUZZLE – this is a further test of mental agility and is not included in the 5-minute time allocation.

Students should attempt to answer as many questions as possible in the time allowed at each Step. Answers are provided for quick self-assessment at the back of the book.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 202
Author: Rina Ahmad
13 ISBN: 9789813322387

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