IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (Higher Level)


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IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (Higher Level) is written in line with the latest syllabus. As a functional textbook, it emphasises the quick acquisition and mastery of the necessary mathematical concepts and skills. The development of new content in each topic strikes a balance between maintaining a reasonable level of rigour while ensuring the necessary results are laid out in a succinct manner. Concepts are developed in a logical manner and linked whenever possible to help students develop a macroscopic view of Mathematics, particularly in
the area of Calculus.

The target readers are students who had completed the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level examinations or attained equivalent middle school qualifications, and they are assumed to have taken both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. Readers without Additional Mathematics background can consider using our textbook on Mastering IGCSE Additional Mathematics to bridge some of the gaps. Students with IGCSE qualifications will need to note that the trigonometric results of Compound Angle Identities and Double Angle Identities are assumed in this textbook, and they can be found in the IB formula booklet.

To expose students to a wider range of mathematical skills, some of the concepts that are not within the scope of the IB Higher Level syllabus for Analysis and Approaches may appear in both content and practice questions. These are marked with an *, and we leave it to the readers’ discretion to decide whether or not to skip them.

Grade Level / Age Group:
• Pre-university levels 1 to 2 (16 – 19 years);
• International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme Schools.

Learning Outcomes:
Students should be able to…
• Acquire firm understanding of concepts.
• Master necessary knowledge and skills for problem-solving.
• Advance their use and application through the worked examples and practice questions.
• Tackle examination questions with confidence.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Expertly compiled by Mr. Lee Jun Cai, a renowned dedicated lead teacher with NIE training and thousands of teaching hours, and supported by an IB-certified team (Cat 2 and 3) in curriculum and Internal Assessments (IA), committed to students’ success.
• Designed for holistic understanding, this functional worktext is crafted to help students learn logically and connect concepts seamlessly, giving them a deep, comprehensive appreciation of Mathematics.
• Detailed insights into exam-type questions build confidence and familiarity with exam standards, empowering learners to achieve top scores.

About The Author of IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (Higher Level)
graduated with First Class Honours in Mathematics from the National University of Singapore, winning prestigious awards like the Tan Teck Chwee Book Prize and DD Chelliah Gold Medal. He began teaching at Raffles Institution and Catholic Junior College, then earned a Master’s degree in Mathematics and an IB Category Two Certification. Since joining AcesMath! in 2019, he has produced stellar scores in the IB Higher Level and Standard Level streams, earning the trust of students and parents.

Size: 190mm X 260mm
Pages: 364
Author: Lee Jun Cai
13 ISBN: 9789813471177

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