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ENGLISH VOCABULARY LESSONS WORKBOOK series aims to equip students with a wide vocabulary that will greatly enhance their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities.

Grade Level / Age Group:
Primary levels 1 to 6 (7 – 12 years).

Learning Objectives:
• To equip students with a wide vocabulary. Thus, enhance student’s speaking, reading and writing abilities;
• To introduce vocabulary through a thematic approach for and make the learning experience interesting and meaningful;
• To expose students to STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) activities.

Key Features:
• Contextual Introduction of new words to capture the students’ attention and facilitate learning;
• Variety of Question Types across the themes to check that students use the correct vocabulary word, understand its meaning and attain proficiency in the vocabulary learnt;
• Appendices are found on selected units to extend the vocabulary learnt. It also provide a quick reference and a resource for students when engaging in writing activities.

Unique Selling Advantages (USA):
• Vocabulary is introduced through a story, which provides a context that students can relate to, easing the retention of new words learnt while demonstrating the importance of vocabulary in everyday life;
• Thematic units complement one another with a mixture of everyday themes such as fruit, animals and colours at the lower levels and more complex themes involving prefixes and suffixes at the higher levels;
• Step-by-Step learning ensures students are eased in and allowed to pick up the relevant vocabulary;
• Incorporation of STREAM Hands-on Activities to extend learning and reinforce the importance of vocabulary in all aspects of learning

Size: 190mm 260mm
Pages: 96
Author: Peter Yam / J. Lee
13 ISBN: 9789813217591

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