Conquer Science Process Skills Primary Level Upper Block 5/6


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CONQUER SCIENCE PROCESS SKILLS is a complete resource of science questions. It provides an integral part of the learning process of scientific inquiry through structured questions testing students on skills and processes.

Learning Objective:
• To provide an intensive practice for open-ended questions which generally form 44% of important science tests and examinations

Target Group:
Primary levels 3 to 6

Key Features:
• Themes are arranged in accordance with the curriculum requirements for easy reference:
□ Lower Block: Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Energy, Interactions
□ Upper Block: Cycles, Systems, Energy, Interactions
• Examinable Topics in each theme with carefully prepared worksheets for targeted practice.
• Worksheets are Perforated for flexible use.
• Easy reference and self-assessment to Answers for all questions.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs)
• Questions are based on most tested concepts often encountered in class tests and school examinations and question types cover all skills and processes expected of students in typical tests and examinations.
• 11 target skills that students develop using these books: Observing, Comparing, Classifying, Using Equipment, Communicating, Inferring, Predicting, Analyzing, Generating Possibilities, Evaluating and Formulating Hypothesis
• 3 process skills that students develop using these books: Creative Problem Solving, Decision Making and Investigation
• Enhanced Learning includes Quick Summary on key topics to recap and/or understand key concepts better, and Teacher’s Notes to identify the process skills tested, the topics covered/ tested and suggested lesson lead-in in each worksheet.
• Equipped with adaptive learning with Analytics Intelligence that identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, and help recommend worksheets to overcome areas that students can improve on.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 288
Author: Angeline Tan
13 ISBN: 9789813327931

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