Conquer PROBLEM SUMS (Standard Edition) Level 6


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|Conquer Problem Sums| A* in Singapore Mathematics Level 6 is a three-book compilation of strategies – spread over Standard, Advanced and Model Drawing Editions – used to solve the entire range of challenging and difficult problem sums faced by students in primary schools today. The books include plenty of examples and exercises to help reinforce students’ proficiency in applying each of the strategies. Detailed solutions are also included to explain each of the steps carefully.

Target Group: Primary levels 3 to 6

Key Features:
• 18 distinct problem-solving strategies introduced, explained and demonstrated in tackling a wide spectrum and variety of Mathematics problem sums.
• Catchy strategy names and helpful acronyms assigned to help students better remember
• Helpful Diagrams and Notes to give students a visual and better understanding
• Exhaustive Practice Questions in all books for rigorous drill and training.
• Fully worked solutions with individual steps clearly labeled in detail.
• Enhanced Learning (for Levels 3 and 4) that comprise additional review practices culled from selective strategies.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs)
• Near exhaustive collection and showcase of almost every imaginable problem-solving strategy for primary-level problem sums.
• Author is a Mathematics whiz and problem sums specialist.
• Question types are classified and categorised (via a table format) into different levels of difficulty as well as rarity.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 224
Author: Sky Tan (Tan Jianhua)
13 ISBN: 9789813280304

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