Conquer PROBLEM SUMS (Advanced Edition) Level 5


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|Conquer Problem Sums| A* in Singapore Mathematics Level 5 is a two-book compilation of strategies – spread over Standard and Advanced Editions – used to solve the entire range of challenging and difficult problem sums faced by students in primary schools today.

Target Group: Primary levels 3 to 6

Key Features:
• 18 distinct problem-solving strategies introduced, explained and demonstrated in tackling a wide spectrum and variety of Mathematics problem sums.
• Catchy strategy names and helpful acronyms assigned to help students better remember
• Helpful Diagrams and Notes to give students a visual and better understanding
• Exhaustive Practice Questions in all books for rigorous drill and training.
• Fully worked solutions with individual steps clearly labeled in detail.
• Enhanced Learning (for Levels 3 and 4) that comprise additional review practices culled from selective strategies.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs)
• Near exhaustive collection and showcase of almost every imaginable problem-solving strategy for primary-level problem sums.
• Author is a Mathematics whiz and problem sums specialist.
• Question types are classified and categorised (via a table format) into different levels of difficulty as well as rarity.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 270
Author: Sky Tan (Tan Jianhua)
13 ISBN: 9789813286702

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