Conquer Mathematics The 4 Operations Workbook 1


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Conquer Mathematics The 4 Operations Workbook 1 is specially designed to equip students with basic skills to solve questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers up to 100.

Grade Level / Age Group:
Primary levels 1 to 6 (7 – 12 years).

Learning Objectives:
Conquer Mathematics The 4 Operations is designed to: 
• Provide students with an almost exhaustive coverage of the primary mathematics syllabus while concurrently making it ‘conquerable’ / ‘digestible’ by breaking down large(r) topics into smaller components and subsections;
• Strengthen and reinforce students’ knowledge and knowhow of mathematics and maths tools through rigorous drill and practice;
• Help students achieve unprecedented levels of confidence and competency having mastered question-answering techniques.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• 100 exercises – both focused and revision – that are diagnostic in nature, with 100 questions each, provide a
standard and consistent benchmark to clearly and accurately gauge / assess a student’s general level of understanding pertaining to the designated topic(s).
• Multiple-choice and Short-answer categories simulate a real examination format – namely sections A and B in an actual paper – and gives students an excellent feel of the requisite testing styles.
• Great confidence booster as students work through similar, progressively tougher and more challenging problems within the same (sub)topic – thereby becoming wholly familiar with typical question types and more adept at solving them.

1000 questions
100 exercises, 10 questions each: 88 focussed exercises and 12 revision exercises on all topics learned.
Specific focus
The exercises are grouped according to topics covered in the school curriculum.
Performance Record
Incorporated in the Contents page, the Performance Record gives students a quick and easy way to track their progress.
Each exercise can be easily removed to use independently as a test or worksheet for classroom or home learning.
Designed as an independent booklet, the answer key contains full worked solutions to all questions.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 240
Authors: Alan Tan K. H. / Tan Yuwen / A. Tai / Almitra M. N. / Cheryl Yu
13 ISBN: 9789813327085

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