Conquer English Editing Workbook 4


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Conquer English Editing Workbook 4 is specially prepared to provide students with focussed practice on Editing, a test component in all major examinations.

Grade Level / Age Group: Primary Levels 1 to 6 (7 – 12 years)

Learning Objectives:
• To provide students with focussed practice on editing which is a test component in all major English examinations.
• To train students to spot and identify spelling and grammatical errors in passages.

Unique Selling Advantages (USAs):
• Common Grammatical and Spelling Errors made by students are infused into passages to master grammar and spelling.
• New Format with Additional Questions are provoided in each exercises.
• Enhanced Learning provides extra practice by combining printed books and online resources. Thus, leading to maximise the Blended Learning feature.
• Equipped with adaptive learning with Analytics Intelligence to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, and help recommend worksheets to overcome areas that student can work on.

Why is Conquer English Editing Workbook 4 useful to students?
Performance Record
Incorporated in the Contents page, the Performance Record gives students a quick and easy way to track their progress.
Tear-out Format
Perforated, the pages can be easily removed for use as tests or worksheets for classroom or home learning.
Interdisciplinary Learning
The passages cover varied themes and topics of interest to students.
The first answer of each exercise is provided as a guide for students.
Challenge Yourself!
A short quiz at the end of each exercise challenges students to spot the errors in the passage.
Answers are provided at the back of the book for quick and easy assessment.

Size: 190mm x 260mm
Pages: 68
Author: Angela Leu
13 ISBN: 9789813425262

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