Is Your Child Too Stressed?

Entering a new environment and school structure can be stressful for your child, especially if he is not able to adapt to the changes in school curriculum. News of children breaking down or even taking their own lives creates an atmosphere of panic and worry when you wonder if your child is facing stress.

When a person is stressed, he tends to have angry outbursts and become overly sensitive, and it is the same for children. Stressed children might also behave differently from their usual self and might have mood swings and crying fits more often. They might even be quieter than usual and experience insomnia and nightmares.

If you witness your child experiencing these symptoms, here are some ways to help your child:

Understand your child’s abilities

Pay attention to the struggles of your child and understand that your child’s needs take priority to your own wishes about your child’s future. Understand if he has his limits and struggles, especially educational wise, and respect them.

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Be more loving

A struggling child will need a lot of love and support from his parents. Comfort and reassure him when he is down or does not perform as expected instead of scolding and nagging. Spend family time together and let him know that he is important to you, and not his results.

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Understand the pressure you exert on your child

Pressure is good to motivate your child to perform better, but you need to understand when the pressure gets overwhelming for your child. Exerting large amounts of pressure on your child can lead him to feel stressed with the amount of expectations you put on his shoulders.

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Listen and communicate

Spend some time with him to talk out his feelings and understand how he feels. Listen with an open mind and do not interject or put him down. Let him know that it is a safe space for him to share his thoughts and feelings to increase his trust and willingness to confide in you.

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Make learning fun

Inspire your child to view learning as a fun and interesting discovery rather than a bore and a necessity. If he feels more encouraged to study, he will focus less on the pressure that studying gives him.

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