How to Teach Children to Write Compelling Essays

Do you constantly hear your children grumbling about the weekly essays they have to write? Well, bad news is that they will continue to face essays throughout their academic journey. Good news is you can help make it a less painful process by setting them up with several important skills from young. Here are 4 tips to teach your child how to write an essay.

1.      Reading habits

For children, writing essays can evoke a sense of anxiety and frustration. They might consider essay writing to be a tedious and difficult task. However, if you encourage your children to read a lot, it can be a lot of fun. Reading widely provides them with knowledge that improves confidence and enthusiasm. It also gets children to absorb different writing styles and vocabulary that would aid them in their essay writing.

2.      Basic writing skills

Make sure your children understand the basics of writing before starting on an essay. Ascertain that they understand the significance of things like correct spelling and grammatical norms. Remember to explain these ideas to children at an age-appropriate level, so you do not need to give a lengthy lecture. These principles will serve as the foundation upon which you will build their writing skills.

3.      Create an outline

If you assist your children in creating an outline, they will find essay writing tasks much easier. Even if your children are well versed in the subject and have enough experience, producing a faultless essay might be tough. However, if you assist them in creating an outline, they will be able to devote more time to expanding on each topic.

4.      Practice makes perfect

The importance of writing practice in the development of essay writing skills cannot be overlooked. Many children may not get enough writing practice in school. Teachers will go over the principles and offer students some assignments, but there is very little time spent in writing in the classroom. Encourage your children to write when they are at home. Give them a topic to write about for the day to guide them and provide constructive feedback about their writing.

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