How to Make Mathematics Fun

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“I hate mathematics.” 

“Why do we have to learn mathematics? It’s so hard!”

Do you often hear your child groaning and fussing about doing his mathematics homework? Even as parents, mathematics might have been our least favourite subject in school. Hating mathematics is totally understandable. Not everyone is mathematically inclined after all! 

No matter how much we hate mathematics, it’s something that’s unavoidable. Here are some ways on how to make mathematics more fun and engaging for your child! 

  1. Play games 
Research indicates that play is associated with improved social and communication skills and promotes improved physical and mental health.  In addition, play provides opportunities to foster relationships with caregivers and peers.  There are many benefits of board game play for young children with disabilities.
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If there’s something that all children love, it’s probably playing games. Using games to teach mathematics will definitely make learning more fun and engaging. Click the link here if you need some inspiration on what games to play!

  1. Go online
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The Internet has everything, including cool mathematics websites and apps to help your child’s learning. Some teachers’ favourites include Kahoot! and Math Game Time. 

  1. Use real objects or food 
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Using real objects to teach a concept makes it easier for children to remember. For example, you can use tissue boxes or water bottles to teach geometry. Get creative and think out of the box! Alternatively, using your child’s favourite food to teach addition or subtraction might do the trick as well. 

  1. Move around 
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Sitting down all day and solving tricky mathematical problems is every child’s nightmare. Include mathematical activities where your child can stand up and move around. For example, you can set up a few cones at home and stick mathematical questions on them. He can run from one cone to another while solving mathematical questions within a given time limit. Having a fun challenge like this makes learning mathematics less boring.  

  1. Mathematical model drawing 

Learning how to draw models is an essential skill to have. It makes mathematics easier to learn when children can visualise the problem on paper. Check out our Conquer Model Drawing books to help them improve on their model drawing skills! 

  1. Know your child’s interests 
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Find out which part of mathematics your child likes and which ones he finds challenging. Guide him more in areas that he is weaker in. Be patient, and don’t forget to celebrate your child’s mathematics accomplishments from time to time to encourage him! 

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