How to Be a Happy Student in Singapore

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Is it even possible to be a happy student in Singapore? It might sound unbelievable, given that our education system stresses us out so much. We see a rising trend of students being stressed out, leading to depression and sometimes even resorting to suicide. What can we do to allow ourselves to be happy while studying in Singapore?  

  1. Planning and prioritising our time 
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Everyone has 24 hours, why is it that some people have the time to study, socialise and rest sufficiently while others barely have enough sleep? It’s all about planning your time well. Start by creating a list of priorities every day: what are some things you would like to achieve today? How long do you want to spend studying? Be disciplined enough to do this for a prolonged period of time and it will slowly turn into a habit. This way, you will be able to spend your time more efficiently. 

  1. Be optimistic 
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Whether the glass is half full or half empty depends on you. An optimist will say it is half full; while a pessimist will say it is half empty. One way to be happy in general is to be more optimistic and find joy in our everyday life. There are so many things to be grateful for, and yet we often take them for granted and only focus on the things that are not going our way.

One way to do this can be by listing the things that you are grateful for today, for example, being thankful for good food or having patient lecturers that helped you with your work. 

  1. Being confident and trusting yourself 
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Trust begins with trusting yourself. If you don’t trust yourself, how do you expect others to trust you? Believing that you are able to complete a task full of uncertainties is equivalent to winning half the battle. However, there might be times when you are unable to complete the task smoothly. It is crucial not to lose trust in yourself under these circumstances. This will help us look at failures in a different light — they are not disasters, but mistakes to learn from to help us do better the next time. 

However, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Do not be overconfident, or it might result in unnecessary consequences. 

  1. Don’t compare 
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Everyone’s learning pace is different. If you are always comparing yourself with someone better than you, you will never be happy. Even if you are the best in one area, you will find fault in another. Focus on yourself: continue working hard, track your progress and you will find yourself being happier! 

  1. Rest 
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Resting is to prepare for a longer journey ahead. It is mandatory to rest after preparing for an examination or studying for prolonged periods of time. Emotions and physical health are interlinked: having sufficient rest will ensure that our bodies are healthy, and we naturally feel happier. It is important to also work out frequently to keep our bodies in check. As long as we can plan our time well, squeezing in a bit of workout time is totally possible!

We have provided you with the tips, but these things are easier said than done. We can tell ourselves to stick to the plan, but ultimately, it boils down to discipline and motivation. What motivates you to continue studying? It can be your family, future or even financial reasons. Keep your motivation in mind and you will be able to follow these tips more easily. 

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