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About Highlights Library

SAP is partnering with Highlights for Children to bring you Highlights Library, an all-encompassing digital collection of children’s stories designed to promote and reinforce children’s reading abilities, while giving educators and parents the instruments to support them within a built-in LMS.
Founded in 1946, Highlights for Children is a renowned American publisher that has created a well-loved family of products for children from birth to 12. The products include content filled with stories, adventures, and activities that engage, delight, and foster joyful learning in children. Today, Highlights products are available in 40 countries and in 16 languages.

Library Features

Highlights Library has 2500+ engaging, leveled stories for children between 5 and 12 years old

  • across 10 major themes
  • spanning 30 levels of difficulty
  • equipped with audio narration and smart
    reading functions
  • each including post-reading quizzes to reinforce concepts and language comprehension

How it Works

When the user first logs in, they will perform a placement test based on their age to determine their reading level.
The test makes sure the user is reading at the right reading level with access to the right books.

Read anytime, anywhere

    Access Highlights Library, on your PC, phone and tablet to read anytime, anywhere! The stories are
also able to be downloaded for easy offline reading.

Goal Oriented

Comprehension quizzes ensure that students are reaching their reading goals.

Rewards & Achievements

Children receive reading rewards, including reading badges, printable certificates, and Hidden Pictures puzzles.

Teacher/Parent support features

Easily create assignments and save folders to copy, edit and reuse for future classes.
Teacher reporting capabilities make it simple to track students’ reading activity and improvement.

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Highlights Library Subscription: $9.95/month

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