5 Tips to Help Your Child Get Back to School

The June holidays are over, and it’s time for your child to get back to school! Is he ready to get back to work and conquer the rest of the academic year? He probably has become used to the lifestyle of playing or lazing around during the holidays and it will be difficult to immediately get used to school every day again. Here are some tips to help your child to adjust back to school life!

1. Adjusting his body clock

During the holidays, your child would probably have been sleeping and waking up later than usual during schooldays. However, when school starts and he continues sleeping at these later timings, he may have inadequate rest for the next day of school. This would affect his concentration and learning during lessons negatively. 

Start implementing a bedtime slowly, getting him to sleep slightly earlier each day. Doing so will allow your child to slowly adjust his body clock back to sleeping at an earlier timing so that he can wake up energised and ready for school. The NurtureSG committee, which focuses on the health of children, recommends that those between the ages of 6 and 13 should have 9 to 11 hours of sleep a night.

2. Incorporating learning into everyday life

It has been a while since your child has touched his schoolbooks. Ease him back into the school routine by incorporating his subjects into his everyday life – for example, encourage him to count his change after buying something or include more vocabulary by introducing things around him. 

Otherwise, we have books on real world mathematical problems where your child can solve realistic mathematical problems. This allows primary school students to apply the mathematics they have learnt in school to everyday problems. The book allows students to identify and understand the use of mathematics in their everyday life.

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Another way you could incorporate your child’s subjects into everyday life is using educational apps/videos. These apps are interactive and fun for your child! If you don’t know where to start looking for such apps, check out our article here: https://sapgrp.com/?p=92572.

3. Completing unfinished homework in small batches

Has your child finished his homework? If not, try to get him to start completing it in small batches every day so that he will not be rushing it at the last minute!

Breaking his homework up into much more manageable batches to do every day will make it less daunting for your child to start. This also helps to ease him back into the routine of doing work by building it up slowly.

4. Fun family activities to relax and unwind

Your child may be dreading going back to school after a good month-long rest and you can help to reduce that dread by adding some fun family activities into your schedules. This could be a short walk/run around the park with your child after work or going out together at weekends.

Engaging in fun activities with him will lift his spirits and give him time to relax like the holidays again.

5. Organising and stocking up on stationery if needed

It’s time to organise all the worksheets and books from the past 6 months! A neat study table will make it more conducive for learning and studying. This can help improve your child’s concentration while doing work. Your child would be more willing to do work and study in a neat study environment.

This is also the time to restock school supplies! Take a trip with your child to get more stationery or notebooks he may need for the next term. With new school supplies, your child will be more excited for school to begin!

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