5 Fun and Free Educational Apps That Make Learning Fun

Keep your children entertained with these apps while stimulating their brains and honing their thinking skills! With smartphones and tablets so easily available now, it is no wonder that even very young children are able to use them to play games and watch videos. Giving them your phone or tablet has now become an easy way for you to keep them occupied. Why not download these apps so that they can learn while playing? Here’s a list of the best free educational apps available now!

1. Quick Maths Jr.

by Shiny Things


Quick Maths Jr. allows your preschooler to become more familiar with numbers and counting before entering primary school. Its interface is extremely colourful with cute customisable characters and is very easy for your child to navigate. Without doubt, its 12 interactive mini-games will hold your child’s attention for hours while he learns about numbers and hones his counting skills. 

The app also tailors the difficulties of the games as your child plays so that it will be at the right level for him and keep him entertained and thinking throughout the games. By the time Primary 1 comes around, your child will be proficient in counting and numbers. 

There are other apps made by the same developer for older children such as Quick Math – Mental Arithmetic for those in primary school.

Suitable for: 3 – 7 years old (Preschool and Kindergarten)
Price: Free, offers In-App purchases
Available on: App store

2. Duolingo

by Duolingo

Help your child to learn some simple basic words from over 40 languages available on the app! This app is easy to navigate and use and will allow your child to learn better through reading, writing and listening.

The system is interactive with each lesson being presented as a game, and your child’s progress can be tracked on the app as well. In the globalised world today, knowing multiple languages can be extremely beneficial and advantageous. This could help your child in improving their mother tongue as well!

Suitable for: 4 and above (children from 4 to 6 years old are recommended to be guided by an adult)
Price: Free, offers Duolingo Plus Subscription (removes ads, includes some other features)
Available on: App Store and Google Play

3. YouTube Kids

by Google LLC

Now your child will have the freedom to explore a multitude of videos available on YouTube without you having to constantly watch over them. You can now be at ease of mind with the ability to tailor the settings and having the control over what videos or channels your child can watch on YouTube. The content on the app is child-friendly so you do not have to worry about what he may encounter while watching his favourite cartoons or educational videos on the platform. 

Suitable for: 2 – 12 years old
Price: Free
Available on: App Store and Google Play

4. Timmy’s Starting to Read

by British Council

This app is ad-free and has a very colourful interface to attract and hold the attention of children. With the help of Timmy and friends from the television series ‘Timmy Time’, your child would be able to build his English language skills in vocabulary, reading and memory. There are 3 games available to keep your child entertained as he learns new words while reading. 

This app is developed by the British Council, which means that the words taught will be in British spelling. This is especially helpful since your child will be taught the British spelling for English in schools later. 

If your child is older, there is a variety of other apps by the British Council which you can check out as well. One example is LearnEnglish Grammar (UK edition).

Suitable for: 6 and below
Price: Free
Available on: App Store and Google Play

5. BrainPOP Featured Movie

by BrainPOP

This app has animated movies for children, with the many different topics that also tie in with current events, historical milestones and figures, holidays and more. They are interactive and engaging, with a wide variety of topics for their free Featured Movie spanning from Science, Mathematics, English, Arts & Music to Health. 

There is also a quiz at the end of every movie to test your child on what they learnt from the movie. The app breaks down complicated topics into something simple and easy for your child to understand through a short movie, which usually last only a few minutes.

Suitable for: 5 – 13 years old
Price: Free, In-App Subscription options are available
Available on: App Store and Google Play

Looking for some free resources and worksheets for your child? Here is an app for you!

6. My SAPeducation

by Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd

Enhance your child’s learning experience with our books! You can print free worksheets and access enhanced learning materials from us from this app. You will even be able to find your lost answer key here. Print enhanced learning materials for selected titles for your child and further improve his learning along with our books. The materials are suitable for all levels, from Nursery to Pre-university. All these resources are free and available with the purchase of our books!

Suitable for: 3 – 18 years old
Price: Free
Available on: App Store and Google Play

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