4 Tips for Effective Presentation from Home

With more people working from home, online presentations using video conferencing and web meeting apps such as Zoom have become commonplace. However, giving an online presentation is not the same as giving one in person. It might be tough to excite your audience if you lack physical presence and body language.

If you’re new to giving presentations online, this article will provide you with some helpful insights to guide you to success and create an impression at your next meeting.

  1. Slide design

Each online conference platform has its own method of presenting slides. Design clear, easy-to-read presentations to avoid technological difficulties. Try out the slides on different mediums such as mobile phones and laptops to see how audiences may view the presentation.

For instance, if you find out that the text on the borders of the slides does not appear adequate on the screens of your audience, place it in the middle. Consider making high-contrast presentations for your virtual audience — they’ll be simpler to read.

  1. Visual experience

Visuals make it far simpler to understand and remember than plain text. And, let’s be honest —they keep things interesting. Adding creative images such as icons and pictures may help break up long walls of text. It will also make your content more visual and engaging, and help you convey your argument more clearly.

  1. Know your platform

It’s just as vital to prepare for your presentation as it is to deliver it. You may run into a variety of problems such as a malfunctioning microphone or wrong slides if you are not ready. Make sure to test all of your technical equipment to ensure that they are in functioning order. This can help you avoid problems like odd camera angles or a broken microphone. Try to have a backup plan in the case of technical difficulties. As the presenter, you will be less flustered if you can switch quickly to Plan B. 

  1. Dress to the occasion

Unless special clothing is useful to your presentation, these guidelines apply to the majority of presentations. Put on your usual office attire such as shirts or blouses. Avoid distracting patterns or multi-coloured shirts as well as glossy fabrics like satin or silk, which may shine when you move your body in front of the camera. Solid colours are preferable since you want people’s attention to be drawn to your presentation rather than your clothing. 

What are your online presentation experiences? Try these tips and let us know how it went!

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