4 Parent-Child Bonding Activities to Reconnect at Home

All of us have great memories of taking part in activities with our children. These moments, whether it’s doing fun crafts or sweating it out together during yoga, make for priceless bonding time! Working together fosters trust, patience and better knowledge of one another’s abilities. 

Some of these activities for family bonding will just take a few minutes. Others are full-day excursions. But they have all these in common: for your family to laugh, have fun and bond with one another.

So choose the bonding activities that are right for your family and have fun! We would love to hear about any activities that you and your family enjoy. Please share them in the comments section below.

  1. Creative fun

This can be a short- or long-term project, depending on you and your child’s schedule. Grab some art materials and allow your child to draw freely. When he is done, have a short discussion about his drawings. You can write your child’s ideas down and even further extend his thinking and language through thoughtful open-ended questions. 

  1. Sweat it out

Even if you are at home, there are many opportunities to bond with your child through exercise. Follow along with online live classes or click on a YouTube tutorial together with your child. By exercising together, it not only benefits your health but also provides a common topic to bond over.   

  1. Read

Reading is beneficial for intellect and widening your child’s understanding of the world. It can also be bonding time for you and your child. For younger children, you can try reading aloud their favourite books with them. Teenagers may not enjoy such activities. They may prefer choosing their own books to read independently instead. Give them freedom but be present. Just by doing the same activity as them in the same space could help with bonding. 

  1. Make chores enjoyable

Doing chores such as cleaning together can be fun if you make it so. Praise your child when he does his chores. Try making it a game or a competition. This motivates your child to do better and be more likely to help in the future. It also instills a sense of responsibility towards keeping their living environment neat and tidy. A clean house and a stronger relationship benefits everybody involved!

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