4 Effective HBL Tips for Parents to Maximise Your Child’s Results

“One day this global pandemic will subside. But I do not expect COVID-19 to disappear. It will remain with humankind, and become endemic.” – PM Lee

It has almost been a year since home-based learning (HBL) became a reality in the Singapore education environment. On Sunday (16 May), Singapore entered Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) again. The previous HBL can only be described by many parents as ‘chaos’. 

Even though we are more prepared this time round, adjusting and optimising our children’s education at home is still a struggle. 

Here are 4 tips to ease the stress and maximise HBL results:

  1. Establish a routine 

For a successful HBL to occur, parents must work closely with the school to provide directions for your children. Failing to do so would cause children to go online without the appropriate help and supervision. They will be unsure of where to go or what to focus on. 

Also, it is important to include playtime and reading in your schedule. Other daily activities such as doing chores can also become chances for your children to learn. Remember to make these arrangements jointly if feasible. Every child is different. Remember to maintain as much awareness of their requirements as possible.

  1. Have frank and open conversations

For children, disruptions in established patterns and the unexpected loss of typical caretakers – teachers, a worship community, and childcare workers – owing to the need to physically distance themselves can be stressful. 

It is critical for parents to nurture their children’s social, emotional, and mental well-being. Encourage your children to approach you and share their thoughts whenever they face any problems. Remember that your child’s response to stress may vary, so be patient and compassionate.

  1. Productive study spaces

When it comes to remembering knowledge, a good study atmosphere does help a lot. It is just as crucial where your children study as it is what they learn. The first step in constructing your child’s study environment is to find a comfortable spot. However, being too comfortable would lead to issues of inability to focus or stay awake. Instead, choose a good chair and a desk for optimal concentration.

  1. Keep track of progress

With your children being mainly at home, there is a heightened responsibility of ensuring that their learning is on track. Assessment books and tests could be a good way to ensure that your child is meeting learning targets. With SAP’s wide range of educational materials, your child’s needs would be met. Furthermore, with digital services and free online educational resources, your child would be able to independently follow up on their progress and get real-time feedback. 

The virus would likely be endemic and HBL may become a norm. The situation is different for everybody. What are your HBL tips?

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