4 Best Activities for Children to Do at Home During Quarantine

Running out of things to do with your children at home? 

Many of us have been quarantined due to the Covid-19 virus, and the children are becoming bored at home. While it’s tempting to switch on Netflix and let children watch as many Disney movies as they want to pass the time, it’s equally vital to balance screen time with constructive activities that provide health advantages.

Consider these activities to get the ball rolling throughout the work-from-home period and the school holidays if you’re searching for activities that are both enjoyable and easy to perform.

  1. Read a book

Reading is a basic skill that all children require in order to succeed. It has a long list of advantages, including enhanced vocabulary, attention span and analytical thinking. Another benefit is keeping your children busy for hours on end. 

If your child has finished his prescribed reading list, try replenishing the bookshelf with excellent selections from online sites like Book Depository or free e-books from Libby without leaving the house. Encourage a habit of reading by setting aside time to read together as a family or having siblings read aloud to each other. A wide variety of reading materials would help your child to ease into reading more easily too. 

  1. Bonding over food

As a result of the pandemic, you may find yourself cooking more at home than usual. Why not use this occasion to enlist the assistance of your children? Cooking provides a fantastic learning opportunity for your children and serves as a source of fun. You can not only pass down traditional recipes (honouring your cultural history), but also spend time explaining various mathematical and scientific topics involved in cooking.

Of course, be safe! Let your child start with small tasks such as counting ingredients or being a taste taster. Nonetheless, the responsibilities that come with cooking provide an excellent opportunity for children to gain confidence and independence. 

  1. Arts and crafts

You could also try an arts and crafts activity for endless possibilities of entertainment. Arts and crafts may boost your child’s imagination as well as fine-tune their motor skills and knowledge of arithmetic topics (such as counting and measurements). There are plenty of arts and crafts ideas online for all ages and abilities. From simple origami using a single piece of paper to elaborate craft kits, adults, too, can enjoy themselves.

  1. Shake it out 

According to healthcare specialists, children should get at least an hour of physical exercise each day. However, this might be difficult if they can’t go to playgrounds or participate in outdoor sports activities. 

No worries! There are lots of safe and enjoyable alternatives for children of all ages on YouTube or even Instagram, and there are lots of child-friendly workout videos to choose from. For example, yoga is a popular choice among families with children for its relaxing and accessible moves. Regular exercise will not only build their bones and muscles and increase their stamina and agility, but it will also help them sleep better and concentrate better in their learning.

What are your ways of entertaining your children during this pandemic period? Share with us and we might feature your answers in future blog posts!

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